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Have you ever asked yourself how you could make the world a better place?

When was the last time you expressed kindness to another person or performed random acts of kindness?

With all the turmoil in our world today I began to ask myself the same questions and what I found is that 99.5 percent of the time I am solely focused on what I need to do to be my best self each day and accomplish the tasks I assign myself each day. What I noticed is when I get caught up in my own little world my flow of creativity shuts down and the flow of giving and receiving fades away. In contrast, when I am focused on giving value to each person I meet I feel alive and the flow of giving and receiving is magical.

When was the last time you felt like you made another person’s day? Maybe you bought the person’s coffee in the car behind you while going through the local Starbucks drive-thru. Swept up your neighbor’s leaves. I find doing random acts of kindness is fun and exciting and the more you practice doing kind acts it becomes a natural habit and it creates a cycle of both giving and receiving and everyone is blessed.

I was very privileged to attend a Kindness Summit in October and join a group of people that host monthly meetings challenging its members to be kind to the people they run into while going about their day and blessing them in a practical way. I found a really simple way to be kind when I am out shopping. When I see a car that is trying to back out of a parking space I wait and let them have the right of way and let them back out safely.  I love helping peole in this simple way because I know how frustrated I get when I am trying to back out of a parking space and people walk directly behind my car totally ignoring my backup lights and my moving car.

There are many ways to be kind to someone. Another kindness practice I adopted is to give out ribbons that say “Who I Am Makes A Difference”  I bought 100 of these ribbons from a group called What I like about this project I get to nominate and acknowledge people for the wonderful work they do and what I found is that most people are very modest about their work

My challenge for the next week is to give out at least 3 ribbons a day and continue to look for other small ways I can help people get through this very trying time.

Leave a comment of some ways you will be kind to others this week.