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Christmas is a Time To Restore Relationships

Why should I spend my precious time during the Christmas season restoring relationships? That is the question many are asking themselves, finding excuses to not say I’m sorry looking for evidence to prove they were right and the other party was in the wrong.

Photo by olia danilevich

During the recent pandemic we experienced the separation from our loved ones and many never got to even say goodbye to a loved one, see their child get married, watch their grandchild be born and it was gut wrenching to hear all the sad stories and not be there for the ones we love.

When it really comes down to it at the end of our life and we stand before God and the question he will ask is what did you do with the gift I gave you in the form of my son Jesus? The only thing we will look back on is the things we could have changed and chose not to because we were so consumed with our own problems.

Do you know of a friend or family member that you had a falling out with, have feelings of regret for not calling them? You want to call them but then you start to pickup the phone you think about how they might respond so you put off doing it, why? Is it because you don’t want to have to say you are sorry for your part in the disagreement even though you know that just by calling them you have the possibility to make a difference in the relationship.

Would you be willing to take a chance this year and make that phone call and tell them you miss them and want to go to lunch, dinner or some other activity where you can spend time together?

The best tool I found to restore a broken relationship is to create an intention before you make the call, imagine in you mind the most excellent outcome, keep your focus on how you want your relationship to be, make love the key. When we come from a place of love we can never fail.

All solid relationships are based on love, open communication, and authenticity and when these three are present there is no topic off limits, no challenge we can’t overcome.

1 Corinthians 13

What relationship all you commit to restore between now and December 31st?

Are you willing to ask that person you care about to forgive you for the things you said and didn’t say?

Will you commit to put the past behind you are start fresh?

What is in the way of making that relationship the way you want it to be?

Photo by Greta Hoffman

I have some free tools I would love to share with you if you need support just send me a message through the link below or message me on my facebook page.

Merry Christmas!